How to eliminate the parameter

Eliminate the Parameter x=2-3t , y=5+t, Step 1. Set up the parametric equation for to solve the equation for . Step 2. Rewrite the equation as . Step 3. Subtract from both sides of the

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Removing the parameter in parametric equations (example 2)

Eliminating the parameter using the second method. Example. Eliminate the parameter.???x=2t^2+6?????y=5t??? We’ll solve ???y=5t??? for ???t???, since this will be easier than solving ???x=2t^2+6??? for

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Parametric Equations

So let's do that. 0 is equal to 50 minus 5t squared. I just took this and set y equal to 0 because that's when we're going to be hitting the floor. Add 5t squared to both sides. You get 5t squared
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