A Quick Guide to the 30-60-90 Triangle

How many triangles can be drawn with angles 30, 60, and 90 degrees? Let a, b and c be the sides opposite A, B and C respectively. Then, a²=b²+c² and b=aCos30°=a√2 and c= aSin30°=a/2. Thus

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30-60-90 Triangle

Since it’s a right triangle, the sides touching the right angle are called the legs of the triangle, it has a long leg and a short leg, and the hypotenuse is the side across from the right angle. In this lesson we’ll look at how to solve for the side lengths of a 30-60-90 triangle.

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30-60-90 Triangle Rules & Sides

30 60 90 triangle sides If we know the shorter leg length a, we can find out that: b = a√3 c = 2a If the longer leg length b is the one parameter given, then: a = b√3/3 c = 2b√3/3 For hypotenuse c known, the legs formulas look as
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