How to find the area of a triangle using coordinates

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Area of Triangle in Coordinate Geometry

When the length of three sides of the triangle are given, the area of a triangle can be found using the Heron’s formula. Therefore, the area of the

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Finding the Area of a Triangle Using Its Coordinates

Starting with the point (2, 1) and moving counterclockwise, A = (2 (9) + 8 (8) + 1 (1) – 2 (8) – 8 (1) – 1 (9))/2 = (18 + 64+ 1 – 16 – 8 – 9 )/2= (83 – 33)/2 = 25. The area of the

Area of Triangle with Coordinates Calculator

Area of a Triangle: One way to find the area of a triangle is given by the formula: {eq}A = \frac{1}{2} bh {/eq} where {eq}b {/eq} is the base and {eq}h {/eq} is the height of the triangle. A

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Area Of A Triangle In Coordinate Geometry

This calculator determines the area of a triangle using its vertex coordinates in the cartesian coordinate system. It was created by user request. The task is simple - first, determine lengths
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