How to find accumulation points

We must find the accumulation point for the set [tex]E = \left\{ \frac{n^2 + 3n + 5}{n^2 + 2} \vert n \in \mathbb{N} \right\} [/tex] Now that is easy, we first rearange the terms

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Accumulation Point: Definition, Examples

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Accumulation Points of a Sequence

In mathematics, a limit point, accumulation point, or cluster point of a set S {\displaystyle S} in a topological space X {\displaystyle X} is a point x {\displaystyle x} that can be approximated by
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Move the x slider and note the area on the left and the value of the accumulation function/antiderivative on the right. The antiderivative on the right changes from -1 to 1 at x =

Finding all accumulation points of the a set.

An accumulation point is sometimes called a limit point [3]; This stems from the idea is that x is a limit of a non-constant sequence in the set. A point x can be approximated by other points in


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