How to find the direct variation

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Direct Variation

Examples on Direct Variation Example 1: Plot the graph of the direct variation y = 5x Solution: x 0 1 -1 y 0 5 -5 Example 2: If x = 10 and y = 20 follow a direct variation then find the constant of proportionality Solution: As x and y Example 3: Let x and y be in direct variation, x = 6 and y =

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Direct Variation

The Direct Variation is like a simple relation between two variables. Consider an equation that says y varies directly with x if y=kx. k is a constant called constant of

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Algebra 1 : How to find direct variation

If b is directly proportional to a the equation is of the form b = ka (where k is a constant). Two variables are said to be in direct variation when the variables are related in such a way that the

Direct Variation Lesson

If the quantity y is directly varying with respect to the quantity x i.e, y ∝ x, then the direct variation formula is given by: y = kx. Where k is the constant of proportionality. Since the variables y and
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