How to find the function rule

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Write a Function Rule

Find the Function Rule. Check if the function rule is linear. Tap for more steps The function is not linear. Check if the function rule is quadratic. Tap for more steps The function is

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Function Rules

Rule: x n = n(n-1)/2 + 1. Sequence: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, 22, (That rule looks a bit complicated, but it works) Solution 2: After 1 and 2, add the two previous numbers, plus 1: Rule: x n = x n-1 + x n-2

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How do you find the function rule? + Example

f (x) = a (x – (–1)) 2 + 3 = a (x + 1) 2 + 3. Now we only need to find a . So, we plug in the x and y values from P (–5, – 7) since, if P is on the curve, its coordinates must satisfy the rule , so f (x)

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Algebra Examples

When we add +2 to x variable (f(x)=(x+2)^2), base graph will shift -2 units on the x-axis. (In x^2 y was 0 when x was 0. But in (x+2)^2, y is 0 when x is -2) Finally, the graph is

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finding the rule

Graph each function rule and then tell whether the function is continuous or discrete. Create several such machines, depending on the size of the class (there should be one machine per