How to find the minimum degree of a polynomial

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How to Find the Degree of a Polynomial: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Find the polynomial p of least degree that takes these values, What is the minimum degree of a polynomial, given the initial conditions?, How to determine the least

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Polynomial Graphing: Degrees, Turnings, and Bumps

Answer (1 of 9): We can can find the minimum or maximum value of a polynomial by graphing method. 1. Differentiate with respect to the variable 2. Equate to zero, find the root(s) 3. Take

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Graphs of Polynomial Functions

A polynomial p ( x) is such that p ( 0) = 5, p ( 1) = 4, p ( 2) = 9 and p ( 3) = 20. What is the minimum degree it can have? The problem can easily be solved by hit and trial method. First assuming
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