How to Find the Zeros of a Quadratic Function Given Its Equation

Evaluate the polynomial at the numbers from the first step until we find a zero. Let’s suppose the zero is x = r x = r, then we will know that it’s a zero because P (r) = 0 P ( r) = 0.

How to Find Zeros of a Function

The zeros of a function are the values of x when f (x) is equal to 0. Hence, its name. This means that when f (x) = 0, x is a zero of the function. When the graph passes through x = a, a is said to be a zero of the function. Hence, (a, 0) is a

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How To Find The Zeros Of A Function

The roots of an equation are the roots of a function. Suppose the given polynomial is f(x)=2x+1 and we have to find the zero of the polynomial. Now equating the function with zero we get, 2x+1=0. or

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