How to find vertical asymptotes on a graph

Using a graph to find asymptote When you are presented with a graph, you

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2-07 Asymptotes of Rational Functions

We know that the vertical asymptote has a straight line equation is x = a for the graph function y = f (x), if it satisfies at least one the following conditions: lim x → a − 0 f ( x) = ± ∞. or. lim x → a +

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Vertical asymptotes

Determining Vertical Asymptotes from the Graph If a graph is given, then look for any breaks in the graph. If it appears that a branch of the function turns toward the vertical

Identify vertical and horizontal asymptotes

Finding Vertical Asymptotes 1 Factor the denominator of the function. To simplify the function, you need to break the denominator into its factors as much as possible. For the purpose of finding asymptotes

How do you determine the vertical and horizontal

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