How to integrate sec^4x

I = ∫ sec 4 ( x) d x I = ∫ sec 2 ( x) ( 1 + tan 2 ( x)) d x u = tan ( x) sec 2 ( x) d x = d u I = ∫ 1 + u 2 d u I = u + u 3 3 + C I = tan ( x) + tan 3 ( x) 3 + C Share Cite Follow answered May 7

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Solve: intsec^4x dx

To find the integral of sec x, we will have to use some facts from trigonometry. Sec x is the reciprocal of cos x and tan x can be written as (sin x)/ (cos x). We can do the integration of

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integrate sec^4 x dx

If you have highish powers of trigonometry you usually want to break it down into a product of two functions. In general if you vave a power of sec or tan youre gonna have to use tan^2x + 1 =

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Integral of sec^4x

Calculus Techniques of Integration Integration by Trigonometric Substitution 1 Answer Wataru · Manikandan S. Dec 22, 2014 I = ∫sec3xdx by Integration by Pats with: u = secx
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