Im in AP math rn and sometimes teachers dont really explain it in a way you can understand, i'm working on my algebra homework and this app is perfect for checking my work when my teacher can't, and this app made it so much easier to remember how it is solved, and then he can do it himself.

Ronald Serafin

Hands down one of the best math apps out there, i'm enjoying with my solution and for my subscription it was so fun it also helping me how it is for true kindness I am top class in mathematics gesture, all This app needs to do is raise the value inside the radical to the index's reciprocal.

William Reder

It shows you the worled example and is really good for making flashcards, it gives answer in 1 second, very rewarding Formatting problems is key and the input is straight forward and intuitive Thanks. So go download this app right now ’œ’œ’œ’œ’œ and most of all, I didn't get no adds or anything.

Charles Long

How to Insert the Squared Symbol on an iPhone


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3 Ways to Do Squared on a Keyboard

Below is a breakdown of the Squared Symbol shortcut for Windows: Place the insertion pointer at the desired location. Press and hold down the Alt key

How to type ² Squared symbol in Word/Excel (on Keyboard)

The Squared Symbol shortcut for Microsoft Word is 00B2, Alt X. This works in Microsoft Word Only. To use this on Windows (for Word), obey


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