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How to remove ln from an equation

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Solving a natural log in two different ways

Sorted by: 1. If you notice that y = e ln y, then you have y = e ln ( e x) as well; but e ln ( e x) = e x, so y = e x! And if it is ln y = ln ( e x), you can still say y = e ln y so y = e ln ( e x) = e x! Hope this
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Solving Equations with e and lnx

Canceling the Natural Log Two important properties of logarithms make solving problems involving e simpler. These are: e raised to the power of (ln x) = x, and the ln of (e raised to the power of x) = x. For example, to find z in the

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Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

We don't care. That means e ln ( x + 2) = e ln x 2 is a different true sentence. But this different true sentence means the same thing as: x + 2 = e ln ( x + 1) = e ln x 2 = x 2 so now

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