How to Simplify Expressions with Exponents

x⋅x⋅x⋅x⋅x=x5 x ⋅ x ⋅ x ⋅ x ⋅ x = x 5. Notice that 5 5 is the sum of the exponents, 2 2 and 3 3. x2 ⋅x3 x 2 ⋅ x 3 is x2+3 x 2 + 3, or x5 x 5. We write: x2 ⋅x3 x 2 ⋅ x 3. x2+3 x 2 + 3. x5 x 5. The base stayed

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Simplify algebraic expressions with exponents.

The logic behind simplifying variables with exponents depends on the distributive property . The distributive property states that the sum of two products that share a factor is

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How to Solve Algebraic Problems With Exponents

For each fraction containing a variable: a :a4 1 1 b 8b 9 c exponents to the denominator (numerator), and