How to solve for x in a polynomial

The calculator will show each step and provide a thorough explanation of how to simplify and solve the equation. Polynomial Equation Solver To solve $(2x + 3)^2 - \frac{4}{3}(x + 1)^2 =

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6-5 Finding Real Roots of Polynomial Equations

6+11x+6x^2+x^3=0; 2x^5+x^4-2x-1=0; 11+6x+x^2=-\frac{6}{x} x^3-2x=0; 2x^5+x^4-2x-1=0

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Simplifying Polynomial Expressions

The x x -intercept (s), if they exist, are of the form (a,0) ( a, 0) where x = a x = a is a real solution to f(x) = 0 f ( x) = 0 . Finding x x - and y y - Intercepts Given a

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Summary: Graphs of Polynomial Functions

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4.4 Solve Polynomial Equations by Factoring

The polynomial is degree 3, and could be difficult to solve. So let us plot it first: The curve crosses the x-axis at three points, and one of them might be at 2. We can check easily, just put 2 in place of x: f (2) = 2 (2) 3 − (2) 2 −7 (2)+2. =
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Roots of Polynomials

At the moment we just learnt the factor theorem of polynomials and how if $x-a$ is a factor of $P(x)$, then $P(a) = 0$. We're then taught to find the Roots of A Polynomial its best
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