How to solve when x is an exponent

Bases – multiplying the like ones – add the exponents and keep the base same. (Multiplication Law) Bases – raise it with power to another – multiply the exponents and keep the base same. Bases – dividing the like ones –

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Solving Exponential Equations

log.15=log.85^x (remember that when there is an exponent in a logarithm, it is moved in front of the log as a multiplier) log (.15)= x log (.85) x= log (.15)/log (.85) x=11.6732 And now plug the number in for x to check if the

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Math is the study of numbers, shapes, and patterns.

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Math is a way of thinking and problem solving.

Solving exponential equations using exponent properties

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Solving a Formula For a Variable Contained in an Exponent

How to solve for exponents. For x n = y; solve for n by taking the log of both sides of the equation: For: x n = y. Take the log of both sides: log x n = log y. By identity we get: n ⋅ log x = log y. Dividing both sides by log x:

Solving Exponential Equations

Using a Basic Linear Equation 1. Write down the problem. 2. Resolve the exponent. 3. Just distribute the 4 into (x +3). 4. Do the
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