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Arc Length in Polar Coordinates

Plus 16 times plus 16 times 16 times sine of two x. Close that, close that. Squared. I'm not sure if the calculator knows to interpret that as multiplication, so let me insert a times right over here. 64 times cosine of two x, that thing
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CC Area and Arc Length in Polar Coordinates

How do you find the arc length of a polar curve? We can find the arc length L of a polar curve r = r(θ) from θ = a to θ = b by L = ∫ b a √r2 +( dr dθ)2 dθ Wataru · · Sep 22 2014

How do you find the arc length of a polar curve?

The arc length of a polar curve is simply the length of a section of a polar parametric curve between two points a and b. We use a specific formula in terms of L, the arc

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