How to write a decimal as a fraction

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Decimal to Fraction: 3 Easy Steps

Divide both numbers by the GCF to simplify the fraction. [4] Divide 325 by 25 to get 13 and divide 1000 by 25 to get 40. The simplified fraction is 13/40. So, .325 = 13/40. Method 2 If the Decimal is Periodic 1 Write it down. A periodic decimal is a decimal with a repeating pattern that never ends. [5] See more

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How To Convert Decimals to Fractions

Step 1: Write down the decimal divided by 1, like this: decimal 1 Step 2: Multiply both top and

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    The answer to the equation is 4.

How to Convert a Decimal to a Fraction: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

To convert a decimal into a fraction, we need to first write the given decimal in the form of a

Rewriting decimals as fractions: 0.15 (video)


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