Plane parametrization example

First, it is always possible to parameterize a curve by defining x(t) = t, then replacing x with t in the equation for y(t). This gives the parameterization x(t) = t, y(t) = 2t2 − 3.

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How to parametrize a line

Parametrization of a line Example 1 Find a parametrization of the line through the points $(3,1,2)$ and $(1,0,5)$. Solution:The line is parallel to the vector $\vc{v}= (3,1,2) - (1,0,5) = (2,1,-3)$.

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Parametric Equations

Parametrize the equation, y = 2 x + 1, in terms of − 2 ≤ t ≤ 2. Graph the resulting line segment if the segment’s direction is moving from right to left. Solution. The equation, y = 2 x + 1, is already in

Calculus II

All we need to do is graph the equation that we found by eliminating the parameter. As noted already however, there are two small problems with this method. The first

Parametrization of a line examples

Video transcript. All the parameterizations we've done so far have been parameterizing a curve using one parameter. What we're going to start doing this video is

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