How to round a fraction

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Fraction Rounding to the Nearest Half

Rounding fractions works exactly the same way as rounding whole numbers. The only difference is that instead of rounding to tens

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Mixed Number Rounding to the Nearest Whole

Welcome to Rounding Fractions to 0 or 1 with Mr. J! Need help with how to round fractions to 0 or 1? You're in the right placeWhether you're just starting o

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How to Round Off Decimals and Fractions

Rounding Fractions - Created by Brent Coley
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How To Round Fractions

All three of the circles have one-half of the circle a different color. The first is 1/2 , the second is 2/4, and the third is 4/8. How can all these be one-half? If you look, you can see the

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