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To use interval notation we need to first understand some of the commonly used symbols: [] - brackets denote a closed interval () - parenthesis denote an open interval ∪ - union represents

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Interval notation calculator

Step 1: Go to Cuemath's online interval notation calculator. Step 2: Select the topology from the drop-down list and enter the numbers in the given input boxes. Step 3: Click on the Calculate button to calculate the length, give the number
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Interval Notation Calculator

The Interval Notation Calculator is an online tool that aids in displaying the given interval on a number line, shows the inequality by the chosen topology, and determines the distance

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Online Interval Notation Calculator

Plot the interval (-9, -5) on the number line and also write the inequality and length of the interval. Solution: Step 1: The Inequality of the interval (-9, -5) both the boundary of the interval is

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