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Best iPhone and iPad Math Apps for Kids in 2022

Written by Dhvanesh July 26, 2022 3 minute read Math is a subject that many children find challenging or boring. Thankfully, technology can make it more fun and engaging.

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A List of Great Math Apps for your iPad

Buzzmath is a rich app for personalized middle school math practice. It’s engaging thousands of students, teachers and families by empowering and challenging them. It covers

10 Best Maths Apps

SlateMath is an iPad app that develops mathematical intuition and skills through playful interaction. The app's 38 activities prepare children for kindergarten and first grade

ModMath on the App Store

Bugs and buttons is a beautifully executed app which lets preschoolers and beyond practice primary math skills such as counting and sorting and secondary skills such as

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King of Math on the App Store

8- iPad App Arithme Tick “In ArithmeTick, the goal is to solve as many puzzles as you can before time runs out. You will be given points and extra time for each right answer

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Photomath on the App Store

Best iPhone and iPad math apps for children These are all excellent math apps for kids and are definitely worth a look. So, they are are listed here in no particular order. Here are

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