Law of cosines solve for angle

Minus two times 12 times nine, times the cosine of 87 degrees. And this is going to be equal to, let's see, this is 225 minus, let's see, 12 times nine is 108. 108 times two is 216. Minus 216

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Using the Law of Cosines to Find an Unknown Angle

The Law of Cosines states: c2 = a2 + b2 - 2ab cosC In which c is the side across from angle C. Remember that the Law of Cosines works for any triangle, not just right triangles. In the last
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Law of Cosines Calculator

So the law of cosines tells us that C-squared is equal to A-squared, plus B-squared, minus two A B, times the cosine of theta. And just to remind ourselves what the A, B's, and C's are, C is the side that's

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