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Linear Regression, Line of Best Fit Calculator

What is the equation of the best fit line for the given data points? (1.3), (3,4), (2,5) and (8,4) and verify it using line of best fit calculator Solution: Mean of x data points X = (1 + 3 + 2 + 8)/4 =
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Linear regression calculator

Linear regression is a simple statistics model describes the relationship between a scalar dependent variable and other explanatory variables. If there is only one explanatory variable, it

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Least Squares Calculator

The following formula is used to calculate the line of best fit: Y = C +B¹ (x¹) + B² (x²) Here, Y is the dependent variable of the equation. C is constant. B¹ and B² are first and second regression

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Linear regression calculator

The line of best fit is described by the equation ŷ = bX + a, where b is the slope of the line and a is the intercept (i.e., the value of Y when X = 0). This calculator will determine the values of b and

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