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By Staff Writer Last Updated April 07, 2020. Johnathan Nightingale/CC-BY-SA 2.0. In mathematics, linear refers to an equation or function that is the equation of a straight line

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Linear equations & graphs

Linear maps are mappings between vector spaces that preserve the vector-space structure. Given two vector spaces V and W over a field F, a linear map (also called, in some contexts, linear transformation or linear mapping) is a map

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Introduction to Linear Equations

Here, some of the linear algebra applications are given as: Ranking in Search Engines – One of the most important applications of linear algebra is in the creation of Google. The Signal Analysis – It is massively used in encoding

Linear Equations

Linear equations are first order equations, which means that the variables in a linear equation must have a degree of 1. This means that any exponent on the variables in the equation cannot

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Teaching Linear Equations in Math

The expression for the linear function is the formula to graph a straight line. The expression for the linear equation is; y = mx + c where m is the slope, c is the intercept and (x,y) are the coordinates. This formula is also called slope

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