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Purplemath. The logs rules work backwards, so you can condense (compress?) strings of log expressions into one log with a complicated argument. When they tell you to simplify a log

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Leonard Masterson

The best thing about this when you take a picture of any kind of mathematical problems,it completes it very quick in offline or when there is no internet, you'd just have to bucks every month tho but it's worth it since you also get to learn and understand some quirks in math.

Mario Lee

It does not mearly show only the answers as a calculator does, the app shows you each step on how to complete a problem so you learn and don't jut get the answer. Would prefer if steps were shown for each problem to help me understand, but overall very helpful app, this app helps so much when I am stuck on a concept.

Expanding Log Expressions

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Graphing Logarithmic Functions: More Examples

Purplemath The first type of logarithmic equation has two logs, each having the same base, which have been set equal to each other. We solve this sort of equation by setting the insides (that is
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Logarithmic Word Problems

Purplemath You have learned various rules for manipulating and simplifying expressions with exponents, such as the rule that says that x3× x5equals x8because you can add the exponents.

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