Applying Mathematics in Photography

Math, Photography, and Lewis Carroll. Lewis Carroll’s accomplishments extended far beyond his talents as a writer. Before he gained fame as the author of the Alice books, Carroll was a respected mathematician, logician, and avid

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How is Math Used in Photography?

The eight Mathematics of Photography articles are as follows: – Photo Composition Rules – Digital Camera Variables – The ISO Variable – The Aperture Variable –

The Mathematics of Digital Photography

Mathematics and Digital Photography. A few months ago I wrote a post Mathematics in Color, in which I discussed some mathematical aspects of color and showed how a simple change of basis from RGB color space to LAB

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Photography is Curiosity, Creativity, Math, Science and

The main way we experience that math is in the fractions and numbers involved in the amount of light let into the camera via shutter speed and aperture and the sensitivity the sensor or film is to light. Photography involves

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Mathematics and Photography

Mathematics Meets Photography September 1, 2011 This is a sample article from the September issue of Math Horizons. David Swart and Bruce Torrence discuss how

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