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Also, operations with the evaluated result are not working mostly. I low key thought this was a scam, but after using it for about 10 minuets I dont think I can go back to a normal calculator.

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Robert Clifton

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Sometimes you just have to go to a calculator or google,but I still love it, it doesn't only give you the answer but it shows you the way to do the problem, which really is helpful. The application is really great and useful. 10/10 app, would highly recommend. It also has some my math book awnsers.

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Gary Boynton

Variance calculator

This online calculator calculates the mean, variance, and standard deviation of random variables entered in the form of a value-probability table. This calculator can help you to calculate basic
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Mean of the Probability Distribution Calculator

An online expected value calculator helps to find the probability expected value (mean) of a discrete random variable (X). Remember that expected value calculation helps to reduce the

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