Pentagon Shape

A pentagon is one of the many types of polygon having five sides and five angles. The word 'Pentagon' arises from two words, that are, ‘Penta’ and ‘Gonia,’ meaning five angles. In a

Pentagon – Definition, Shape, Properties, Formulas

A pentagon is a geometric two-dimensional shape with five sides and five angles. The definition of pentagon shape is derived from the Greek word as “Penta” denotes five, and “gon” denotes

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Pentagon: Definition, Types, Formulas & Properties with

A pentagon is a five-sided polygon. In the figure below are 3 different types of pentagons. The Pentagon, near Washington, D.C., is one of the world's largest office buildings. From an aerial view, it looks like a pentagon. Pentagon

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Regular Pentagon -

A pentagon shape is a closed and flat two-dimensional surfaced shape with five angles and five sides. The word pentagon itself tells you what it is. ‘Penta’ is the Greek word for

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Pentagon Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

Illustrated definition of Pentagon: A 5-sided polygon (a flat shape with straight sides).

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What is a Pentagon? Definition, Types, Properties, Examples

A 2D polygon with five sides and five angles is called a pentagon. “Penta” means “five”, and “gon” translates to “angles” in Greek, and hence when we combine both words “penta + gon”, we get

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