Probability calculator for dice

Roll a d20 d20. Roll a d20, but reroll on 1 (halfling d20) d20 reroll 1 hd20. Choose the greater of two d20 rolls (advantage) d20 > d20 d20! Choose the lesser of two d20 rolls (disadvantage)

Dice Probability Calculator

Probability = Number of desired outcomes ÷ Number of possible outcomes = 2 ÷ 36 = 0.0556 or 5.56% You can also calculate the possibility when you roll more

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Dice Calculator

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How to Calculate Dice Probabilities?

A clever way to easily calculate it is to first raise the probability of not getting a six on

Dice Probability calculator

Dice Probability Formulas The following formulas are used to calculate different dice probabilities. (6 sided dice) Chance to get any given value (sum of all dice) C = 1 / 6 * D Where

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