Find the Roots of a Quadratic Equation in C / C++ / Java

This video presents pseudo code to implement the quadratic formula. Please note that imaginary solutions are not included here.

Quadratic Formula Pseudo Code

If D This occurs when b 2 The roots are imaginary and unequal. => The discriminant can be written as (-1 * -D). => As D is negative, -D will be positive. => The roots

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What is a pseudocode that will calculate the roots of quadratic

BEGIN. NUMBER a, b, c, d, x1, x2. INPUT a,b,c. d = b^2-4ac. IF (d >= 0) THEN. x1 = (-b+ √ d)/2a or x1 = (-b+d^(1/2)/2a. x2 = (-b- √ d)/2a or x2 = (-b

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Pseudocode to Solve Quadratic Equation

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The pseudo code of a flow chart to solve a quadratic equation

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