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How to rewrite numbers without exponents?

Answer: (9/8)^-1 = 8/9 Step-by-step explanation: To re write without an exponent means we will eliminate it's power. This fraction came with the power of -1. And when the

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Exponent Calculator

One of the rules for exponents, , allows us to rewrite a factored exponent. Let's look at you exponent in a factored form. One way would be: which, according to the property is: Rewriting

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Exponent Calculator

Rewrite the following without an exponent. how do you do this? (-2)^-1 One Answer: (-2)^-1 is equal to 1/ (-2) which is equal to -1/2 We can check that (-2)^-1 = -1/2 = -0.5 in Algebra

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How do I rewrite the following without an exponent: (4/5) ^-3?

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