Second degree equation

In Maths, the quadratic equation is called a second-degree equation. A quadratic equation is

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Examples of Quadratic Equation

A polynomial having degree 2 is considered a second-degree equation and it is also called a quadratic equation. The standard form of the second-degree equation is ax 2

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Whats a second degree equation, and can it be solved like a

Second Degree Equations are quadratic equations where the highest power in an equation is 2 and there will be two solutions for the 2 nd Degree Equations. The standard form
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How to Solve Equations of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree

We call an equation of second degree, every equation with the standard form with , and being real numbers and different than zero. It is called a second degree equation because the highest power of in this equation is 2 (i.e.

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