Significant figures multiplication and division calculator

One instrument that can be used is Significant figures multiplication and division calculator.

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Sig Fig (Significant Figures) Calculator

Add, subtract, multiply and divide with significant figures. Enter numbers, scientific notation or e notation and select the math operator. The calculator does the math and rounds the answer to the correct number of significant figures (sig figs). You can use this calculator to double check your own calculations using significant fi See more

Significant Figures Calculator and Counter

This Multiplying Significant Figures Calculator computes the product of the numbers entered in and places the resultant value into proper significant figures. Significant figures, or digits, are

Multiplying Significant Figures (Sig Fig) Calculator

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Student Stories

Jose Bagby

At first I was confused because i did not know how it works but wooow. Take the time to learn the calculator, it isnt hard and it shows you step by step. It's very useful you can use it for free †“ and it shows the work. Isn't only useful to check your answers but also teaches us the method.

Gary Heywood

May change review after using it for real but am grateful that it exists. As i was very poor in mathematics, this app can calculate the problems with the camera. Helped me with my math work and keeping my grades up. This app is really good it has helped me with my math homework and it's pretty useful in my opinion.