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23 hours ago · Simple Math: Get Your Playmakers The Ball South Carolina has struggled offensively this season. However, they have found a sustainable formula: get the ball in the

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Deal with math

Having trouble with math? Don't worry, our experts can help clear up any confusion and get you on the right track.


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Math is a subject that can be difficult for many people to understand. However, with a little practice, it can be easy to learn and even enjoyable.

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Math is often viewed as a difficult and boring subject, however, with a little effort it can be easy and interesting.

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To solve a math equation, you must first understand what each term in the equation represents.

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This online math video tutorial /lecture shows you how to learn basic arithmetic fast and easy. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems includi
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This app still deserves 5 stars. It shows me the rules and laws it follows in math. This app is very helpful as most calculators can't do certain characters, and this one can. I have NEVER givin an app a genuin 5 star rating so this is HUGE for me.

Michael Williams

This has gotten me out of a jam in schoolwork countless times, recommend it, it also has some my math book awnsers, trust this app on it. This app is pretty great. It's a very good working app. I have been using this app since it first rolled out on iphone, I was still in elementary school that time.

Adam Chase

It solves all type of math problems. Gives you exactly what you need everytime regardless of the question. It would be greatest when Bengali language included. It's great I love it it is perfect for homework all I have to do is take a picture and it solves it for Me Jesus Christ I love this why did I not know about this so so so much longer I wish I known about this app when I was in 5th 6th 7th and 8th grade I'm a freshman now and I do not believe that I could have found a better app for my math homework.

Brandon Schley