Sin cos tan word problems

Correct answer: 23.81 meters. Explanation: To make sense of the problem, start by drawing a diagram. Label the angle of elevation as 25 o, the height between the ground and where the wire hits the flagpole as 10 meters, and our unknown

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Trigonometry Word Problems ( Read )

Problems include find the sin, cos, and tan ratios, find missing side lengths and missing angle measures. Some of the problems involve word problems and some of the problems involve

Trigonometry Word Problems Worksheet with Answers

Range of Sine = {-1 ≤ y ≤ 1} The sine of an angle has a range of values from -1 to 1 inclusive. Below is a table of values illustrating some key sine values that span the entire range of values. The Cosine Ratio The cosine of an angle is always

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4.1.7: Trigonometry Word Problems

In this reading we'll simply look at examples of word problems, and then let you give them a try. Sample #1 The sun's angle of inclination is 20 degrees, and a pole casts a 40 foot shadow. How tall is the pole? Solution Using the image above


Directions: Solve the following problems. If a drawing is not provided, create and label one and show all work. Be sure to include the correct units for all answers. Round to the nearest tenth.

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Solving Word Problems with Trigonometry

Find the exact value of cos 15°. Problem 16 Calculate sin75°sin15° = Problem 17 Calculate the exact value of sin15°. Problem 18 Find the exact value of sin4α+cos4αcot2α, if tan2α=4.

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