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There is Sol online practice that can make the process much easier.

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SOL :: Released Tests & Item Sets

RELEASED MATH SOL TESTS. GRADE 3 MATH; Online PDF (printable) 2014. 2010. 2009. 2014. 2010. 2009. 2008. 2007. 2005. 2004. 2003. GRADE 4 MATH; Online PDF (printable) 2014.


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Virginia State Standards of Learning

Using the SOL practice test, you can equip your students for the online testing environment, as well as the content matter that will be assessed. You can have your students take the SOL practice test on the same device they’ll use for the

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Pracitice the multiplication table and print off your results. Multiplication Fact Challenge Complete 20 multiplication facts in 1 minute and receive a certificate. You can choose from 1

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SOL Test Preparation Virginia

SOL Review 1 - Research, Cooperation, Microscopes (22 questions) Answers. BIO SOL Review 2 - Experiments (23 questions) Answers. BIO SOL Review 3 - Data - Graphs (17
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Released Tests

Education Galaxy’s SOL (Virginia Standards of Learning) test preparation program provides online assessment and practice for students in Grades K-6 to help build mastery towards the Virginia SOL standards. Our unique online program is