Solve Exponential Equation Using Logs

So 10 to the 2T - 3 is equal to 7. So this is clearly an exponential form right over here. if we want to write it in logarithmic form, where we could, that'll essentially allow us to solve for the exponent, so

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Solving Exponential Equations

How to: Given an exponential equation in which a common base cannot be found, solve for the unknown Apply the logarithm of both sides of the equation. If one of the terms in the equation

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Solving Exponential Equations Using Logs

Exponential and logarithmic functions Calculator & Problem Solver Understand Exponential and logarithmic functions, one step at a time Enter your Pre Calculus problem below to get step by

Understanding Logarithmic Functions

Solving exponential equations using logarithms Learn how to solve any exponential equation of the form a⋅b^ (cx)=d. For example, solve 6⋅10^ (2x)=48. The key to solving exponential equations lies in logarithms! Let's take a closer