Solving Logarithmic Equations

Since we want to transform the left side into a single logarithmic equation, we

Solving Logarithm Equations

Logarithmic Equations We have already seen that every logarithmic equation logb(x) = y is equal to the exponential equation by = x. We can use this fact, along with the rules of logarithms, to

Solving Logarithmic Equations How? (NancyPi)

Before You Begin: Learn to Express a Logarithmic Equation Exponentially [1] [2] 1. Know the logarithm definition. Before you can solve logarithms, you need to understand that a

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3 Ways to Solve Logarithms

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples. Example 1 Solve each of the following equations. 2log9(√x)−log9(6x−1) = 0 2 log 9 ( x) − log 9 ( 6 x − 1) = 0 logx+log(x −1) = log(3x

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Calculus I

Equations involving logarithms and unknown variables can often be solved by employing the definition of the logarithm, as well as several of its basic properties: log ⁡ x ( a) + log ⁡ x ( b) = log