Solve v lwh for l

v=lwh for l Enter literal equation below: Solve literal equation in terms of the following variable: Solve v = lwh for l Divide each side of the equation by wh to isolate l on the right side v wh =

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v=lwh for l

Step-by-step explanation: Given. V = LHW ( isolate L by dividing both sides by HW ) = L. Advertisement.
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v = lwh v = l w h Rewrite the equation as lwh = v l w h = v. lwh = v l w h = v Divide each term in lwh = v l w h = v by wh w h and simplify. Tap for more steps l = v wh l = v w h

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Literal Equations: V = l w h

Source (s): lwh solve l: Its very simple. You must get L by itself. Because L is multiplied by both w and h, you need to divide it by those two. What you do

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