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Solving a word problem on proportions using a unit rate

Solving a word problem on proportions using a unit rate. Log in Sign up. Find A Tutor . Word Problem. Kayleb V. asked • 02/11/21 Solving a word problem on proportions

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Solving Word Problems on Proportions Using a Unit Rate

Solving Word Problem on Unit Rates Associated with Ratios of Mixed Numbers Solving a 1-Step Word Problem Using the Formula D = Rt Solving a Two-step Word Problem Using the Formula

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How Do You Solve a Word Problem Using Unit Rates?

At the same rate, how many hours would she have to work to earn $180? Solution. Step 1: Amount earned in 9 hour = $ 135. Step 2: Unit rate of earnings = $ $\frac{135}{9}$ = $15 per hour. Step

Unit Rate Calculator

Unit Rate Word Problem Worksheet 1 (Decimal Quotients) - This 13 problem worksheet features word problems where you will calculate the unit rate for everyday situations like “meters per

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Solving unit rate problem (video)

When you talk about the speed of a car, you usually say something in miles per hour. For example, you say, 'I drove 40 miles per hour.'. Normally, you don't say, 'I drove 120 miles per 3 hours.'.

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