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Find r(t) if r'(t)

Math can be difficult to understand, but it's important to learn how to Find r(t) if r'(t).

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How to find r(t) if r(t)=ti+e^tj+te^tk and r(0)=i+j+k?

r(t)= f(t) i + g(t) j + h(t) k. r(0)= f(0) i + g(0) j + h(0) k. To make r(0)= i+j+ k, you need to make f(0)=g(0)=h(0)=1 . You found functions f(0) , g(0) , and h(0) that have the right derivatives, and

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Math can be a tough subject for a lot of people. But with a little help, anyone can understand and solve math questions.

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One way to think about math equations is to think of them as a puzzle. Each piece of the equation fits together to create a complete picture. When one piece is missing, it can be difficult to see the whole picture.

How to find r(t) if the derivative of r(t) and r(0) are given

Add your answer and earn points. nobillionaireNobley R (t) = integral of r' (t) = integral of ti + e^tj + te^tk = 1/2t^2i + e^tj + (te^t - e^t)k + c r (0) = j - k + c = i + j + k c = i + 2k

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Math is a way of solving problems by using numbers and equations.

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SOLVED: Find r(t) if r(t) = t5 i + et j + 3te3t k and r(o) = i + j + k r(t)

AGRFTr. Answered 2021-10-18 Author has 95 answers. r ′ ( t) = t i + e t j + t e t k. r ( 0) = i + j + k. Integrate each component of r ′ ( t) separetly. For the first component: ∫ t d t = 1 2 t 2 + c 1. The

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Solved Find r(t) if r(t) = 4 i + et j + 3te3t k and r(0)

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