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The photo scanning feature is very handy of course, i highly recommend it ✌🏽😗, let's just hope my math teacher doesn't see this…it's how I cheat all my homework. I've only had it a few days and algebra is a breeze now. The camera scanner works great and any misreadings easily corrected.

John Paschall

Great development, excellent app. Seriously, amazing, shows steps, is free and has do many cool features, awesome service, solves any problem I throw at it. THIS WORKS GREAT, i love this app for solving maths, its embarassing to approach tutors for simple things, this app makes the simple things easier, leaves the harder questions for the tutors.

Pedro Sweeney

I like the fact that its usefull not only to students but to teachers as well. Most teachers talk and talk, easy and fast to access help. If you get the plus subscription it gets better. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVELOPERS! You guys have no idea how much this saved me! I missed out on 2 weeks worth of math due to health reasons and I was very reluctant on calling my math teacher in case he scolds me.

James Declue

Statistics online

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Online Statistical Inference and Modeling for High-throughput Experiments A focus on the techniques commonly used to perform statistical inference on high throughput data. Free* 4
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