Surface area problems with answers

Designed for sixth- and seventh-grade learners, this math worksheet features eight unique word problems in which students are asked to find surface area using the dimensions provided. This

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Practice problems of the surface area

The red figure at the right is made of two hemispheres of equal radius. The blue cylinder at the left has the same radius and height as the red figure. Which shape has a larger surface area? Note: Both figures are capped on the top and
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How to Solve a Word Problem Involving the Surface Area of a

If the radius of a sphere is 3r, what is its volume? Solution: Given, Radius of sphere = 3r.

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Surface Area and Volume Questions (with Answers)

A collection of Corbettmaths Practice Question Booklets on Surface Area. Surface Area of a Cuboid. Click here for Questions and Answers. Surface Area of a Prism

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