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$\begingroup$ @Raphael: Formal notation (by which I mean dense notation filled with logical symbols like \forall and \exists) is hard to read. People are not computers. People are not

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Copy and paste Math Symbols text emoji characters and signs. Click on any symbol to copy to the clipboard and paste it anywhere to use. π ∞ Σ √ ∛ ∜ ∫ ∬ ∭ ∮ ∯ ∰ ∱ ∲ ∳ ∀ ∁ ∂ ∃ ∄ ∅ ∆ ∇ ∈ ∉ ∊ ∋ ∌ ∍ ∎ ∏ ∐ ∑ − ∓ ∔ ∕ ∖ ∗ ∘ ∙ ∝ ∟ ∠ ∡ ∢ ∣ ∤ ∥
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Math Symbols

Symbol Symbol Name Meaning / definition Example; P(A) probability function: probability of event

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Glossary of mathematical symbols

Some of the common arithmetic math symbols are: plus sign (+) used for addition, minus sign (-)

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Math Symbols List (+,-,x,/,=,)

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