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Example: the 4th root of 3 is 81 because 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 81. Norm : The mean or average; an established pattern or form. Normal Distribution: Also

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What is Term In Math? And How Does it Works?

Example. Explanation. 3 x and -8 x ^2. Unlike terms - the exponents are different.
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Term Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

Distribution. Distribution is an algebraic term that defines the act of

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What is a term in Algebra?

Binomial: It is a polynomial that consists of exactly two terms. Here are a few examples of binomials: 4x + 27; 12y -3; 5z+ 2x; Trinomial: It is a polynomial that consists of exactly three terms. Here are a few examples of trinomials: 4x + 27 – 3z; 12y -3 + 7z; 5z+ 2x + 8y; Example 1: What are the terms, variables, and c See more

Like Terms in Math: Definition & Examples


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