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Is there a general way to solve transcendental equations?

In Mathematica the code to solve this would look something like: FindRoot[{Cos[x]/x == 0.2 a + 0.1, Cos[y]/y == 0.2 b + 0.1, a + b == 1.0, 1.03*Sinc[x] == Sinc[y]*1.02}, {{x, .1}, {y, .1}, {a, .3}, {b

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A novel neural network for solving transcendental equation


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Transcendental equation

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A novel neural network for solving transcendental equation

Define Transcendental Equations. A transcendental equation is an equation into which transcendental functions (such as exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, or inverse

Transcendental Equation Calculator

41994. A transcendental equation is an equation containing transcendental functions. The transcendental function is any function which is the solution of the equation.

Transcendental Equation -

Accepted Answer: Anton Semechko. I am practicing solving transcendental equations in matlab I have the given equation and I want to solve for x. Theme. Copy. tan ( (

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