Trapezoid median calculator

Median of a Trapezoid Calculator A median of a trapezoid is the line which passes in-between the two legs of any trapezoid as shown in the below image. The median of a trapezium is also known as the midline or midsegment of a

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The length of the median = (Line AD + Line BC) ÷ 2 Trapezoids have 2 pairs of adjacent angles (A & B) and (B & C) that are supplementary (add to 180°). To use this calculator, you need the lengths of all 4 trapezoid sides. To use this

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Midline of a trapezoid

Enter the 4 sides a, b, c and d of the trapezoid in the order as positive real numbers and press calculate with b being the short base and d being the long base (d > b). When the problem has a solution, the outputs are: the angles A, B

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Trapezoid median (midline, midsegment) definition

The formula to find the median of a trapezoid is (a+b)/2. Where a and b are the lengths of each base. How do you find the median of a trapezoid? The median of a trapezoid is

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Midsegment of a Trapezoid Calculator

Find the length of all sides of the trapezoid ( a, b, c, and d ). Add them together to get the perimeter of the trapezoid: P = a + b + c + d. That's it! It is that simple. Or you can alternatively use the area of a trapezoid calculator

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