Similar Triangles: Perimeters and Areas

For example, you might have a triangle with a base that is 15 cm long, and a similar triangle with a base that is 10 cm long. 3 Set up a ratio. For
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How to Find Scale Factors of Similar Figures

scalene triangle (1) height: h= b⋅sinc =c⋅sinb (2) angle: b=sin−1 h c , c =sin−1 h b (3) side: c= √a2+b2−2ab⋅cosc (4) area: s= 1 2ah= 1 2ab⋅sinc = 1 2a2 sinbsinc sin(b+c) =√s(s−a)(s−b)(s−c)
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4 Ways to Find Scale Factor

The scale factor is equal to the number \ (1 (k = 1)\) when the shape remains the same. The scale factor cannot be expressed as the number zero. Scale Factor of a Triangle Similar triangles have identical shapes, and

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