Types of transformations algebra 2

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Translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation are the 4 types of transformations. The translation is moving the shape in a particular direction, reflection is producing the mirror image of the shape, rotation flips the shape about a point

Algebra 2 Transformations of Functions, Pt 1

There are mainly three types of function transformations: Translation; Dilation; Reflection; Among these transformations, only dilation changes the size of the original shape but the other two transformations change the position of the

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Apply the transformations in this order: 1. Start with parentheses (look for possible horizontal shift) (This could be a vertical shift if the power of x is not 1.) 2. Deal with multiplication ( stretch or compression) 3. Deal with negation (

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Function Transformations

Possible Answers: Correct answer: Explanation: Begin with the standard equation for a parabola: . Vertical shifts to this standard equation are represented by additions (upward shifts) or

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