Variation calculator

This calculator solves the following direct variation equations and inverse variation equations below: * y varies directly as x. * y varies inversely as x. * y varies directly as the square of x. * y

Variation Equations Calculator

To use this coefficient of variation calculator, follow the below steps: Enter the comma separated values (,) in the input box. Select the option of population dataset or Sample dataset according

Variance calculator

Variance calculator and how to calculate. Population variance and sample variance calculator. Enter values: Data type: = Calculate × Reset: Variance:

Online Direct Variation Calculator

Using this variance calculator with steps, you will get step-by-step results of standard deviation, mean, and variance. Variance calculator is an online free tool to calculate the variation of each

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Variance Calculator

About Variance Calculator. Variance Calculator is a free online tool where you can calculate the variance of a set of numbers. Just enter the data set and select the data type: Sample or

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Variance Calculator

Now we have the variation equation as follows: $$ y = kx^ {2} $$. $$ y = 6.25x^ {2} $$. $$ y = 6.25 * 6^ {2} $$. $$ y = 225 $$. As this is a direct relationship, you can also put the values in a direct

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